Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome! Who is Jake and why does he like books?

Welcome all to Jake Dog's Blog! First, Jake was our dog for just over 12 years. We are biased, but we thought he was possibly the greatest dog ever. He was a Golden Retriever Aussie Shepherd mix from a rescue litter, and we had great fun with him. Truthfully, Jake wasn't much of a reader, but he loved to lay at our feet while we read (or did anything else for that matter).

When we decided to start writing children's books it was an easy choice on what to name our self publishing company. Jake Dog Stories has published three picture books all written and illustrated by this husband and wife team. We are having a ball writing, illustrating, and interacting with others through social media who love books. The books are all available on Amazon if you are interested in looking them up.

Our new experience in publishing is the reason behind Jake Dog's Blog. We have noticed that the few blogs devoted to picture books lean heavily towards the large publishers. We like many of those books too, but think new authors need more forums to share and receive feedback about their work. Many blogs will review picture books as part of their YA reviews and that is great, but this blog will focus only on picture books.

We like books that make kids smile (see our profile bio) so the books we choose to review will mostly be books that we think will make kids happy. Our kids always wanted to read the funny books over and over so they have a special place in our hearts. I am sure we will throw the occasional serious book in now and then, but Jake liked to play and have fun so that will be the focus of our blog.

If you know of a picture book that is funny or makes kids smile let us know about it and maybe you will see it on a new post soon. The first review will be about one of the funniest children's books ever! DO NOT COME BACK TO THIS BLOG IF YOU ARE SCARED OF MONSTERS. That was a hint.

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