Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can A Worm Become Another And Then Be It's Own Brother?

Today I went outside to plant Spring flowers and I was busy digging.
The garden was full of earthworms and one was wildly wiggling.

To my horror and thanks to my shovel, I saw where one worm was, was now another.
Don't worry said my friend, they both will live and one will become the other's brother.

I asked my parents and they sadly said no.
The head half will live and a new tail will grow.

The tail half will not grow another head.
Not two worms but still just one instead.

When planting be careful, and watch out for our slimy little friend.
The head can live if chopped in two, but it takes some time to mend.

Copywrite C.M.Dixon 4-2012

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