Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Name Is ...

Parental note: This is not a silly poem. Please read alone before sharing the story with your children. It is suitable for children, but we think you may want to read alone first in case there are questions.
We normally write silly poems for kids, but sometimes things that are sad happen in life.  This week one of our sons called us and said he had made a friend over lunch. The animal shelter was having an adoption event in the city and he met the little guy in the picture below. This dog looks a lot like Jake. Jake was our dog for many years and is the name sake of our site and self published books. Our kids grew up with Jake and we are always bumping into dogs that remind us of him.
I asked my son what the dog's name was and he said, "they said he doesn't have one."  Well that is simply sad. Our son isn't at the point in his life where he can take care of a dog, but we all hope this little guy found a home and a name.
If you are looking for a dog please consider a rescue animal. We speak from experience that mixed breeds make great friends.  Please send this to others if you think it will help a dog get a new home.
My Name Is...
I am a little puppy and I don't have a name.
I am sitting on the sidewalk looking for a friend.
Someone who will pet me and wants to play a game.
Someone who is special and has some time to spend.

I try to look when they go past but I'm a little shy.
I try to be excited but my tail won't wag at all.
Some stop and scratch my ears but then continue by.
Some stop and say they like me, I wish they had a ball.

When I am playing I yip and jump and look so very funny.
When I am playing I make friends and they would do the same.
Then I am sure someone would say that's the dog for me.
Then I would have a home but better, I would have a name.
Copywrite C.M. Dixon 4-2012


  1. A wonderful poem. Thank you. This little cutie looks so much like a stray I took in. My son called her Lassie and I called her Sassie Lassie. We only had her for 4 years before we lost her to a Fungus common to water and hunting dogs. I still feel her breath on my leg and hear her toenails. Who could resist such an angel. That puppy just needs a place to run and someone to love.

    1. Seems we all have a story about a dog that made an impact. Great to hear your story. We still look for Jake when we come home, but I guess that just means he was loved.