Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Green Teeth For Me

I would hate it if they were green,
So I brush my teeth to keep them clean.

I start with flossing all the gaps.
Gently in, then out it snaps!

Loading up the brush is tricky.
I didn't know toothpaste was sticky.

It feels so fresh when I am brushing,
But on the walls it's just disgusting.

I better hurry and wipe that down.
A messy bathroom makes Dad frown.

I brush them once then once again.
So much smoother than when I began.

A sip of water and I start rinsing.
I love the sound of all that swishing.

Mom says spitting isn't nice,
But here I get to do it twice!

I dry my hands and towel my chin.
Now its time to show off that grin.

Copywrite C.M. Dixon 4-2012


  1. Replies
    1. Glad it brought a smile to your face!

  2. Too cute! My grandkids gonna luv this one as will my dental hygienist daughter lol!

    1. This is perfect for them. Let us know if it puts a smile on their face :) Check back now and then for other poems to share with your grand kids.