Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review of 17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do Anymore

First, on the funny scale, this is a very funny book. Kids will find a lot to giggle about in this book. We never learn the little girl's name who stars in this book, but we do quickly learn that she is both precocious and precious.

The book is written by author Jenny Offill as a list of things the little girl is no longer allowed to do for very obvious reasons. The illustrations add quite a bit to this book. Great job at using mixed media by illustrator Nancy Carpenter to match the tone of the text. Our favorite illustration is the dog's expression when his water bowl is being violated, but kids will find many funny pictures in this book.

From a parenting perspective, this book includes behavior that is not acceptable. We think it is great to read these types of books to teach children good behavior while having fun, and parents can use this book as an opportunity to help kids build their own sense of humor. 

When you read other reviews for this book you will see there are two camps.  Those like us who think children understand that funny books aren't real, and those who worry that children will try to imitate the actions shown in this book.  We think kids are smart, and they get it. Read this with your children and discuss why the behavior is unacceptable as you laugh at the ridiculous antics. We believe smiling and laughing are always a great place to start with kids.

Our favorite quote. "I am not allowed to set Joey Whipple on fire anymore.".  Read the book, it isn't as bad as it sounds :)

Let us know if you like this book, or if you know of one you think is funnier!

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