Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review of Mary Had A Little Lamp

Author Jack Lechner and Illustrator Bob Staake created Mary Had A Little Lamp, and really hit the mark.  If you have been to our blog before you know we like silly books, but love silly books that make you laugh out loud.  This book will get that reaction if you sell it.  Reading picture books is a lot like community theatre so get into character and have some fun.

We think it would be fun to read Mary Had A Little Lamb with your little ones and then read this book right after.  That will help them get the joke and also give them an easy introduction to satire.  After all, doesn't every parent dream of having satirical children?

The story is about a little girl who has a pet lamp, and yes, it is sure to follow her everywhere she goes.  We especially liked how Mary was very independent and didn't let others make her feel different for having a pet lamp.  Everyone has their little quirks and she just happens to have a pet lamp. 

This book is a great example of why we love funny books.  Kids will like this book because it is funny, but if a child has different interests or knows kids that like different things then they can learn from this book as well.  It's OK to be a little quirky sometimes.

Have you read this book?  If you have, please leave a comment and let us know if your kids liked it.  If you feel you must rhyme your comment, we get it.  Quirky can be fun.

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