Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Pet Rat

I like our dog, and I like our cat,
But I would rather have a pet rat.

Rats aren't choosy about what they eat.
So it would be easy to give her a treat.

Moldy cheese makes the dog get sick,
But my rat would love it after a trick.

Our cat might chase it through the house.
One time I saw him eat a whole mouse.

But a rat is bigger and she should be able,
To survive sneak attacks. (The cat's unstable).

Walking her would take no time at all.
 After one block she would start to stall.

Keeping pace with four little legs scampering,
She would tire quickly and want some pampering.

I could take her home and paint each tiny nail.
Wash her fur, then do something to that tail.

The tail is icky where the hair won't grow.
I guess I could tie on a sparkly pink bow.

Then she would be the nicest rat in the city.
Some people might even think she was pretty.
Copywright C.M. Dixon 5-2012

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