Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dad is Great - A Silly Poem

I love my Dad because he's just great,
Even when he says, "Sit up straight!"
He is an expert at giving others directions.
Weeds don't survive his front lawn inspections
Sometimes he's mad when he gets home from work.
One time he told Mom, "My boss is a jerk!"
I couldn't stop laughing because that was so funny!
Mom frowned and said, "We don't say that word, Honey."

 On weekends he likes to say, "Let's grill some meat"
He cooks way too much food and we sit down to eat.
Sometimes he falls asleep in his chair.
He complains a lot about losing his hair.
He knows almost everything there is to know.
In the winter he goes with us to play in the snow.
He takes care of us and tells me I'm smart.
When something is broken he takes it apart.
I will love him forever and always be glad,

That I am lucky enough to have a great dad.