Monday, June 4, 2012

I love Z's

When I think about the ABC's,
The words I like best all have Z's.

Why say overcast when you can say hazy?
Taking a break is not as fun as "bein' lazy".

Chewing cud doesn't sound good so cows go grazing.
They only eat grass and get so big! That's amazing!

Wandering around lost is only fun if you're in a maze.
Dead ends and backtracking until you're left in a daze.

Hot dogs are best when cooked on a fire that's blazing.
Doughnuts and cookies are all sweeter after glazing.

Animals who wouldn't normally live together do in a zoo.
If you have no musical talent you can still play the kazoo.

So, start using Z words to make your sentences buzzy,
And everyone will love you like a kitten (who is fuzzy).

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