Monday, June 11, 2012

LARF - A Bigfoot Picture Book

You can buy LARF on Amazon here.

Are you familiar with the BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization)?  They are the people on the 'Finding Bigfoot' show on Animal Planet, and it is a completely crazy show.  It is also one of our guilty pleasures.

Here is a synopsis of every single 'Finding Bigfoot' episode.

They say they are going deep into the woods to "research" a recent Bigfoot sighting.  They reenact the sighting with one of them pretending to be Bigfoot (normally Bobo, yes his name is Bobo). Then they wander around in the dark woods and hear nosies that they are convinced Bigfoot is making. Normally the noise is a thumping or splashing sound and one of them will say, "That's a squatch for sure." Then they will make "Bigfoot calls" and see if a Bigfoot answers back.  The Bigfoot calls are hilarious.  They usually split up into two groups and call back and forth.  One group will hear the other group's calls and confuse it with a real Bigfoot.

They have never seen a Bigfoot as far as I can tell, but they know a lot about them.  According to the BFRO, Bigfoot shuns contact with humans but is drawn out of the woods by crying babies, laughing children, rock music, and fireworks. I know, it makes no sense. Also, Bigfoot likes bacon. I am not making this up.  There were episodes where they would leave out bacon and jam in the dark assuring themselves that Bigfoot would stagger out of the woods going, "Mmmm. Bacon AND a jam session, how can I resist that?"

Some of our international readers may be really confused so here is the link to the show.  Bigfoot Show Link.   

So, as a watcher of this crazy show you can imagine how LARF, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires caught our eye.  It is a picture book about a very sweet Bigfoot.  He is a little lonely and assumes that he is the only Bigfoot on the face of the earth.  He sees an ad in the paper that "Bigfoot" will make an appearance so he disguises himself as a very hairy human and goes to town.

The sweet part of this book is how LARF frets about what he will say when he meets the other Bigfoot. He worries that they may not like each other, he worries that they will like each other too much, he worries that the other Bigfoot will want to move in, and finally he worries that the other Bigfoot might be a girl. Yikes!

This is a great book for kids because it teaches them that it is normal to be nervous when you meet new people. We loved how it was illustrated by the writer and the pictures are very funny.

This would be a perfect book to read to a child before the first day of school or some other event where they will have to interact with new friends.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Also, watch that crazy 'Finding Bigfoot' show if you get a chance. It will make you laugh or at least shake your head in wonder.

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