Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ultimate Free Book Event!

Washington, DC
Green Bay, WI
Seattle, WA
Lake County, CA
Fort Worth, TX
Peoria, IL

Okay, so what's up with the seemingly random list of U.S cities? (Go ahead, click on them to see the theme)

These are the cities that caught my eye when I googled "Summer reading programs for kids". We have two grown children now but we were very active library users when they were little and we continue to use our library. When the kids were little I would say, "let's go to where all the books are free!" We would pile in the car and everyone would come home with an arm load of new books.

So, summer is here and that means bored kids all over the nation. If you have a little one and haven't already researched it, take a look at your local library's Summer Reading Program. Where we live there are raffles, crafts, story times, and the librarians will help the children come up with a reading list if they aren't real sure about what they want to read.

We get a lot of international visitors to our blog so that got me to wondering, do other countries have summer reading programs at their libraries?

Around the Library World Tour!

Ireland - Many great looking libraries, but I didn't really see any special programs for Summer. However, there were quite a few children's programs.

England - check out this article on their summer program. It appears that England's libraries are nationally organized and all run under the same program? Interesting and very different from the U.S. where each local government funds and runs their own libraries.

Japan - Japan's main library is called "The National Diet Library". I am not sure what the name means, but it seems to imply that books should be a part of your daily nutrition. Nice way of looking at it. They have a very impressive children's library site on their website, but I don't specifically see a summer program.

Canada -The Vancouver Library is running the "Strange But True" summer program. Looks like a lot of fun!

When I sat down to write this post I didn't mean to go international but it was fascinating. Hope everyone goes to their library this week and takes part in the greatest free book event in the history of the world!

What are libraries like where you live? Do you have an interesting children's program? Drop us a comment and we'll share it with others via twitter. Happy Summer, Happy Reading!

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