Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Enjoy Freedom - An Independence Day Poem

July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. We owe much of our freedom to the service men and women of all free nations.  So yes, today we remember American Independence, but there are men and women serving from free nations all around the world.  They preserve our independence each and every day of the year.

We normally write Silly Poems, but there is nothing silly about the danger those brave people face each day to protect our way of life.  

I enjoy my freedom because of others.
Young men and women who leave their mothers.

They answer the call. They volunteer,
And go face danger to save us here.

When others hide and when others flee.
They advance by air, ground, and sea.

To protect free nations from despotism,
And today we celebrate their heroism.

Copywrite CM Dixon July 2012

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