Saturday, July 7, 2012

Library Card - A Silly Poem

Today I got my own library card,
And the librarian read these rules to me.
Don't lose books or you will be barred.
Don't tear pages or you will owe money.

Don't fold the pages, use this bookmark.
Don't strain your eyes reading in the dark.
Don't check out more than you can read.
Don't flip fast.  Paper cuts might bleed.

Don't run in the library. Absolutely no speeding.
Don't eat over books, separate reading and feeding.
Don't put books near roasters or toasters.
Don't set drinks on them they aren't coasters.

Don't bend them over or the binding will break.
Don't let your pets near them for goodness sake.
Don't even think of writing your name on the flap.
Don't use them as pillows when you take a nap.

Don't read them outside in the rain or snow.
Don't stop reading, no matter how much you know.
Don't lend them, for that you need a degree.
Don't worry about asking, we'll help happily.

Today I got my own library card.
Books of all types to check out freely,
But who knew it would be so hard.
To remember the rules at the library.

Copywrite CM Dixon July 2012

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