Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Poem and Free Book Event!

Sunday July 28, our newest picture book is FREE on Amazon! To help you decide if you think it is a good fit for your little ones, here is the text of the book. If you like the poem then pick up the illustrated book on Amazon for free.

Hope everyone is having a great Summer!

Here is the Amazon link for the book, or you can click on the title under "Our Books"

Summer Day, Let's Play!

When the days are longer and the sun is hotter,
It's time to play outside in the water.
We can go to the beach. We can visit the pool.
Or splash in the sprinklers to keep ourselves cool.

We can play baseball and get a base hit.
We might catch a pop fly in our new mitt.
Tennis or soccer could be a ball.
We have the whole summer to try them all.

A picnic in the park will taste great.
Hot dogs and burgers to fill our plate.
The neighbors will bring their favorite dishes.
Baked beans, chicken, brownies, and knishes.

On 4th of July night the sky will be bright,
When fireworks take flight to bring us delight!
We'll cover our ears when the big ones go boom,
And say ooooh with the crowd when the squiggly ones zoom.

We can till up the garden and fill it with plants.
The ground is alive with earthworms and ants!
Nothing is better than a home grown tomato.
We can mound up the dirt and plant a potato.

Our family might take a cross country vacation.
We can leave from the airport or the train station.
We can also have fun without going too far.
There are great things to do right here where we are!

We could visit the zoo and see the bears,
Or go to a farm and pick our own pears.
There's a free concert tonight at the park.
We can play flashlight tag once it gets dark.

Summertime is the best time of the year.
We eat outside and munch corn off the ear.
We can sleep in late and forget to remember,
That the days will get shorter again in September.

Copywrite CM Dixon June 2012

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