Sunday, August 26, 2012

Will and Arthur - Our first book without pictures!


Will and Arthur is FREE Saturday and Sunday Sept. 1st and 2nd!  Please download and tell your friends. Thanks, and Happy Labor Day to our US readers.

We love picture books, and we love Silly Poems, but sometimes you have a story you want to tell and you simply cannot fit it into those formats. That is how Will and Arthur came about. As a child I loved Arthurian books. I still enjoy them today and highly reccomend Bernard Cornwell's Winter King series for those who have not yet discovered it.

I have always wanted to create my own King Arthur story and today Jake Dog Stories is proud to present Will and Arthur. The story takes place in a sleepy town in Southern Indiana.  Will is a middle school student trying to navigate his way through daily life.  He is content, has a great family, does well in school, but he lacks a passion for life.

King Arthur, with Merlin's help of course, has discovered the science and magic behind time travel. Unfortunately some of King Arthur's foes have as well and Arthur has begun building a Round Table across time. Will doesn't feel special, but Arthur senses something special in him, and encourages him to train to become a knight.

You can see the first installment of Will and Arthur by clicking on this link.  Will and Arthur

We hope you like it.  Stay tuned to the blog for more Silly Poems and future installments of Will and Arthur.

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