Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carmel Apple - A Silly Poem

Fresh picked apples are a healthy snack,
But sometimes they seem to lack,

That little something to make them sweet,
And turn them into a special treat.

So I dipped mine in caramel, after adding a stick.
That's the apple I wish I could U-Pick.

I guess I could roll it in nuts while it's cooling.
Mmmm. It looks so good that I'm drooling.

I should add chocolate because I'm not too far,
From making a made at home candy bar.

Drizzled all over both dark and white.
I'm getting close. This is almost just right.

Sprinkles! They'll add some nice color.
Wow, this is huge it seemed much smaller,

Before I added all of the candy coating.
If I eat all of this it's probably worth noting,

That I will surely become nauseous.
So I must remain cautious.

If I start I won't stop 'til it's done,
And this is way too much food for just one.

There's only one answer. I'll host a brunch,
And serve it in slices with a healthy lunch.
Copywrite CM Dixon Sept. 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Halloween! Free Book

October is almost here. Fall is my favorite time of year. (Unintended rhyme) Something about the cooler air, and the anticipation of the holiday season, I guess.

Our kids are grown so now our big Halloween event is handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters. We love the costumes and how the kids are all different. Some are fired up and beg for an extra piece of candy. Some are so shy they can barely hold out their bag to get the candy. We even enjoy the big kids who show up without a costume, but want to squeeze in one more year of being a kid.

We wrote I Want To Be a Monster because we love Halloween. Sat Sept 29 it is FREE. Make sure to get your copy. Tell your friends!

We would be very thankful if you could leave a review on Amazon.

Click here to get the book!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bake Sale - A Silly Poem

We're having a bake sale tomorrow at lunch.
I need to make something and I need a bunch.

We need to raise money to buy new books,
And our librarian is now calling all cooks.

I could make brownies, fudgey and chewy,
With caramel on top to make them all gooey.

Chocolate chip cookies are a popular treat,
Fresh from the oven all crispy and sweet.

Cup cakes frosted and filled with fresh jam,
From a special recipe I got from my gram.

Or Pretzels dipped in chocolate, so easy and quick.
The candy tastes great around that salty stick.

I better get started if I'm going to get done.
I guess I'll make everything, cooking is fun!

The librarians will be happy when I drop off my snacks.
They can buy enough books to fill all our backpacks.

Copyrite Sept 2012, CM Dixon

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Want To Be a Monster

Jake Dog Stories is happy to anounce our latest picture book entitled, I Want To Be a Monster.

A little girl knows exactly what she wants to be for Halloween, but her mom wishes she would be something sweet and cute. Maybe a princess or a kitten, but this little one won't be swayed.  She is intent on being a monster.

Will she get her wish? Probably.

We used a  mixed media approach on this picture book. We started with construction paper cutouts, then added detail in Procreate. Photoscape was used to apply the "book" look.  Then a simple CSS code to load it onto Amazon.  If you read our blog you may have seen our three part series on how we published past books. We have been studying and we finally figured out how to write simple code to load the picture book.  It seems to give a more professional look to us, but would love some feedback from other authors.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Hope everyone gets enough candy to last into the Spring.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Monster Meeting - A Silly Poem

   It's Halloween day and the monsters all meet,
To agree on a plan for tonight's trick-or-treat.

Bigfoot wants to start early and stay out all night!
A Vampire replies, "Later, the sun is too bright."

The Witch doesn't care, "I just want to fly, fast and witchy!"
"SCRATCH!" says Frankenstein who's stitches are itchy.

The Werewolf takes off running, chasing a cat.
The Headless Horseman is busy trying on a new hat.

The Mummy wants to speak, but his mouth is too dry.
Finally Bigfoot sits down and he starts to cry.

"I want candy! I want a whole pillow case full!"
But the only one listening is The Ghostly Ghoul.

"Come along Bigfoot, I'll float along with you."
"We'll go down this street and I can say Boo!"

"To all of the little ones out trick-or-treating,"
"And you will get candy for a year's worth of eating."