Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bake Sale - A Silly Poem

We're having a bake sale tomorrow at lunch.
I need to make something and I need a bunch.

We need to raise money to buy new books,
And our librarian is now calling all cooks.

I could make brownies, fudgey and chewy,
With caramel on top to make them all gooey.

Chocolate chip cookies are a popular treat,
Fresh from the oven all crispy and sweet.

Cup cakes frosted and filled with fresh jam,
From a special recipe I got from my gram.

Or Pretzels dipped in chocolate, so easy and quick.
The candy tastes great around that salty stick.

I better get started if I'm going to get done.
I guess I'll make everything, cooking is fun!

The librarians will be happy when I drop off my snacks.
They can buy enough books to fill all our backpacks.

Copyrite Sept 2012, CM Dixon