Monday, September 17, 2012

I Want To Be a Monster

Jake Dog Stories is happy to anounce our latest picture book entitled, I Want To Be a Monster.

A little girl knows exactly what she wants to be for Halloween, but her mom wishes she would be something sweet and cute. Maybe a princess or a kitten, but this little one won't be swayed.  She is intent on being a monster.

Will she get her wish? Probably.

We used a  mixed media approach on this picture book. We started with construction paper cutouts, then added detail in Procreate. Photoscape was used to apply the "book" look.  Then a simple CSS code to load it onto Amazon.  If you read our blog you may have seen our three part series on how we published past books. We have been studying and we finally figured out how to write simple code to load the picture book.  It seems to give a more professional look to us, but would love some feedback from other authors.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Hope everyone gets enough candy to last into the Spring.

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