Thursday, September 6, 2012

Monster Meeting - A Silly Poem

   It's Halloween day and the monsters all meet,
To agree on a plan for tonight's trick-or-treat.

Bigfoot wants to start early and stay out all night!
A Vampire replies, "Later, the sun is too bright."

The Witch doesn't care, "I just want to fly, fast and witchy!"
"SCRATCH!" says Frankenstein who's stitches are itchy.

The Werewolf takes off running, chasing a cat.
The Headless Horseman is busy trying on a new hat.

The Mummy wants to speak, but his mouth is too dry.
Finally Bigfoot sits down and he starts to cry.

"I want candy! I want a whole pillow case full!"
But the only one listening is The Ghostly Ghoul.

"Come along Bigfoot, I'll float along with you."
"We'll go down this street and I can say Boo!"

"To all of the little ones out trick-or-treating,"
"And you will get candy for a year's worth of eating."

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