Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Don't Like...

I don't like syrup, it's too sweet.
I don't like shoes, they hurt my feet.
I don't like standing, I take a seat.
I don't like clutter, I keep things neat.
I don't like it cold, I turn up the heat.
I don't like loud voices, I am discreet.
But I do like you, you're a rare treat.

Copywrite CM Dixon Oct. 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All Aboard! FREE Train Ride (Virtual)

Counting Train Cars

It has been almost a year since one of us said, "Hey let's write a children's book".  We talked about it for years and for some reason we decided to go ahead and do it last year.  We didn't know what we would do with it when it was done, but we sat down and started.

Our first book, The New Life of Easter, was fun to write.  We enjoyed writing and illustrating that most important of stories.  We did everything on the iPad and finished it after much back and forth on how to make it just right.  Then we had a book. We talked about sending it to publishers and got on line to see how to start that process.  Then we started seeing all of these posts about self publishing. It sounded like fun. Ha! If fun is formatting a book 50 times because the words won't stay with the picture once it's uploaded to Amazon, then yes, it was fun.

So we were published.  So exciting! We read you should have a twitter account so we started one.  We didn't know what to do since we had no followers so we started following people.  I still remember our first Twitter follower.  It was @MorganNyberg. Nice guy. Writes end of the world literature. We were like, "Why did this guy follow us? We write picture books." Then others followed and it became apparent that quantity is the idea behind Twitter. 

Then we found out you could give your books away for free on Amazon. We set that up and people actually downloaded it.  We were scared to death that everyone who downloaded it would give us a one star review.  No one reviewed it. We agreed that giving over 100 books away was great. We never thought we would sale any and that was ok with us. It was fun and some people got our book for free. We imagined them sitting down and sharing the Easter Story with their little ones, and that was a good feeling.

Then, one day, oh my gosh, we sold a book!  Then another. Then another. Wow! Then someone wrote a review! Wow! We were addicted to the chase.  We didn't sale a lot of Easter books, but we sold enough to make us want to publish another one.

ENTER, Counting Train Cars, our second book. 

This book is a 1 to 10 counter.  It has been our most popular book to date with thousands given away and not quite thousands sold :)  However, we have sold many more than we ever expected.

More importantly though, people tell us that their kids like the colors, the rhymes, and counting. Yay! That is why we do it, right?

So, on Thursday 10\18 and Friday 10\19 you can get our most popular book for FREE.  Please download a copy and share it with a little one, and let parents know that they can get it for free for the next couple of days.

All Aboard! 

Let's count the cars as they go past.
One train engine going fast!
Two tank cars full of glue.
Three cow cars. Moo. Moo. Moo.

Download to read the rest!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shoes - A Silly Poem

I have new shoes that hurt my feet.
They squeak when I walk down the street.

The laces are short and too hard to tie.
The soles are slippery and I often slide by,

The spot where I wished the walking to stop,
So I've learned to make a quick reverse hop.

Which makes me look silly because when I land,
My feet spread apart and I need a hand,

To keep from sliding and doing the splits.
These new shoes are giving me fits .

I should throw them away and get a new pair,
But these shoes are so cool, I wouldn't dare.
Copyrite CM Dixon Oct 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Ghostly Guest - A Silly Poem

A ghost flew in my house today,
And politely asked if he could stay.

"I don't know you're kind of creepy."
"I'll be worried when I get sleepy,"

"That you will haunt me in my dreams,"
"And I'll have nightmares filled with screams."

He shuddered, sighed, and said, "How dreary."
"You think ghosts are mean and eerie."

"I bet you watch those scary movies."
"Hollywood can make some doozies."

"You don't think those tales are true?"
"You don't think ghosts still say boo?"

"I am nice and shouldn't be feared,"
"You've hurt my feelings," he disappeared.
Copyrite CM Dixon Oct 2012