Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Express - A Train Story for Christmas

Merry Christmas! We love Christmas. We love everything about it. It truly is that time of year where everyone is allowed to have fun and take a break. One of our favorite parts of Christmas is all of the fun picture books about the birth of Jesus, Santa, and all of the other Christmas traditions. We still have the picture books we read to our kids years ago, and there is quite a large stack specific to Christmas. We will be sharing some of those in a future blog post.

Since we love Christmas so much we thought we would write a Christmas picture book. If you read our blog regularly you know that we self publish our own picture books.  (This is the shameless promotion portion of the blog post ;) We published a Halloween book titled, I Want To Be A Monster, earlier this year (see link on right) and had a lot of fun doing that. Then we started writing our Christmas picture book.

We ran out of time. We really should have started this in July, but of course we didn't. We love books about trains, cars, trucks, etc. (see book links to right, promise that is the absolute last promotion of our books :) so we decided to write a Christmas train book. We wrote it while riding on a train. OK, so it was a commuter train, but still a train, and we think that led to some authenticity.

So, now we had written the book, but didn't have time to finish it for publication. What to do? The reasonable thing to do would be wait until next year to publish. That's no fun. There are kids out there right now that love train books! So, we decided to release the book on our blog with what might have been the opening illustration.

This is a counting book so get some blocks or some other small things ready before reading to help your little one count along. Maybe we will finish this for next year, but until then think of it as a little Christmas present from Jake Dog to you.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Christmas Train is almost here!
With express deliveries from a jolly engineer.

He smiles and calls out the gifts he'll deliver,
While Ho Ho-ing out loud to ward off a shiver.

"10 Doll Houses with tables and chairs,"
"9 Soft and cuddly Teddy Bears,"
"8 Dump Trucks ready to haul,"
"7 Bags of Blocks to stack up tall,"
"6 Picture Books to read before bed,"
"5 Fast Bicycles striped with red,"
"4  Bouncy Balls to play with outside,"
"3 Red Wagons to pull friends for a ride,"
"2 Boxes of Crayons to color and draw,"
"And 1 Toy Boat to sail after the thaw."

The engineer slows slightly at the station in town,
To let the magic of Christmas spread all around.

Then he pushes the throttle to complete his long haul,
Blasts the whistle and shouts, "Merry Christmas to all!"

Copywrite CM Dixon Nov. 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cars And Trucks Around My Town - Picture Book

Jake Dog Stories is happy to announce our newest picture book, Cars And Trucks Around My Town.

Kids seem to love reading about different kinds of vehicles and this book is full of all types. This is a rhyming board style book perfect to read aloud to little ones.  Read along as garbage trucks collect trash, police cars go on patrol, a city bus drives along their route, and many other vehicles take part in the daily activities around their town.  Each page has a bright picture of a different vehicle with accompanying text.

We hope you will share this with your children, and with parents looking for a good read aloud book for their little ones.

Click here to purchase or borrow on Amazon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fizzy Fun - A Silly Poem

I want to go outside and play,
But I'm in trouble and have to stay,
Inside my room and think about,
All the things I am missing out,
On as my friends are having fun,
But I can't go out until dad is done,
Teaching me how wrong it is,
To shake his soda to see it fizz.
Copywrite CM Dixon Nov 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still Sleepy - A Silly Poem

I am so sleepy, and still so tired.
I didn't sleep well, as I desired.
My brothers snore throughout the night,
And sound like two bears in a fight.
Mother sleepwalks down the halls.
She bumps and bangs into the walls.
My dad becomes hungry when he dozes.
Then the fridge door opens and closes.
Our dog is skittish and prone to bark,
At all of these noises in the dark.
Each morning they're set to charge ahead,
And I just want to go to bed.
Copywrite CM Dixon Nov. 2012