Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cookies - A Silly Poem

Today is special because we're making,
Christmas cookies! Lets get baking.

Mixing the dough takes about an hour,
Creaming the butter, sifting the flour.

Smell the vanilla, add eggs after beating.
It won't be long and soon we'll be eating.

While the dough is chilling and the oven heats.
We cover the table with our cookie sheets.

Now the fun part can really begin,
As we cut out the shapes again and again.

I like the snowman, the star, and the sleigh.
You seem content to make Santa all day.

Don't forget the reindeer, bells, and trees.
No more Santas! Try a new shape please.

Sprinkling and sugaring makes them shine.
Leave some plain, I like frosting on mine.

Done at last. The perfect holiday treat.
So pretty to look at, but better to eat.

Copyright CM Dixon Dec. 2012

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  1. I love this! I and my kids love to bake every Christmas, I'm gonna print this poem and show to my kids. Love it!

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