Friday, December 28, 2012

Rhymes With Wiggle, Volume 2

Jake Dog Stories is happy to announce our newest children's book, Rhymes With Wiggle, Volume 2.

This book includes 12 original poems and each has a corresponding illustration. We specialize in Silly Poems and all of these poems are targeted to your funny bone.

If you follow our blog you may be thinking, "Wait a minute, these are already on their blog!" Not so fast, you bright yet somewhat aggressive reader. Three of the poems included in this book are new. They have never been published on our blog. One of the new poems is about a pet pig, one is about jumping in puddles, and the other new poem is about all of the emotions kids feel.

Also, many of the illustrations for poems that have been on our blog have been updated.  When we publish a poem on our blog, we usually jot out a quick illustration. When we publish we replace many of those quick sketches with a more detailed illustration.

This is the first book we have published where the entire book is ereader formatted. You can change the size of the text. The longer poems may carry over to two pages, but the page breaks will remain constant. With each book we get a little more comfortable with our CSS coding skills and we think this is our best looking book yet, but of course you are the judge that matters. Let us know what you think.

So, here is the cover. It is also the illustration for "The Jumper" a poem about a child who strikes fear in the hearts of puddles. Go ahead, click on it to see the book on Amazon!

We hope you enjoy our latest book.  Leave us a comment, or even better, a review on Amazon if you have extra time burning in your pocket watch.

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