Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Work in Progress - Forktruck's Busy Day

We have been busy as a forktruck working on our latest picture book. So, there has been a lag on Silly Poems. We have a bunch of poems started so subscribe to our blog to make sure you know when they are published. Until then, check out Rhymes With Wiggle, Volume 2. It includes THREE original Silly Poems that have never before been published on our blog! The Amazon link for that is over there on the right.

Now though, we are busy illustrating our next picture book, Forktruck's Busy Day. We looked around and there are not many books about forktrucks for little ones. We know how much kids like to know about vehicles so we thought this would be a fun book. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, but we are hopeful that this will publish in Jan. or Feb. of this year.  The writing is complete. Here is a sample.

"This forklift truck works hard all day."
"Shipping freight out and putting stock away."

"Before starting he does a quick check,"
"To make sure he is safe, he must not wreck!"

The rest of the story follows Forktruck through all of the tasks he completes during his busy day.

We are a little under half way complete with the illustrations.  Here is a sample.

Let us know your comments. We are excited to see how this book is received since there are so few forktruck and warehouse books for the youngest readers.

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