Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Eggs - A Silly Poem

We hope you enjoy our Easter Egg poem. We love all holidays and Easter is right at the top of our list.  Egg hunts were always the highlight of the holiday when we had little ones. Enjoy the holiday that welcomes Spring and allows us to reflect on the hope of new life that surrounds this time of year.

If you have a little one you may like our Easter picture book, The New Life of Easter.  It uses examples from nature to help explain the resurrection.  See it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Happy Easter!

Easter eggs are so pretty and bright.
I'm going to color a dozen tonight.

The dye is poured and all in a row.
It looks like a liquid rainbow.

Eggs break easy. I have to take care.
Once they are cracked there is no repair.

Time to remove them from their dye soak.
Whoops! Dropped the red. Eww, I see its yolk.

No more mistakes. Let's take out the blue.
Whoops! There it went. It crashed on my shoe.

Finally success! I have a nice green one.
It gets easier as each one is done.

The rest survive to dry on the rack.
So I have ten to display and two for a snack.

Copyright CM Dixon Feb 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ice Skating - A Silly Poem

I went ice skating this afternoon,
But didn't expect to quit so soon.

The ice was smooth and hard like glass.
Perfect conditions for skating fast.

Right away I leaped to spin.
I landed clean so I leapt again.

The second jump didn't go so well.
My ankle popped and then I fell.

I slid across and smacked the wall.
It truly was a spectacular fall.

My friend shrieked and called the doctor.
I think my screaming really shocked her.

Luckily it was just a sprain.
Not too much damage, but lots of pain.

So now I'm watching, now I'm waiting.
Now I sit with my leg elevating.

The doctor says, "Warm up before skating!"
I will. . .  When I'm done rehabilitating.

Copyright CM Dixon Feb 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scruff Takes Charge - A Jake Dog Fable

We love fables. I still remember reading about the monkey and crane. As a kid it was fun seeing how the crane could use his long beak to reach the food while the monkey tried and tried to get the food. Fables are a great way to teach values. Kids love animals and it is easy to get them interested in stories about animals who are trying to solve problems.

Here at Jake Dog Stories we think all kids should be taught values. Sounds like something everyone would agree with, but when you look at what kids spend their time on in today's fast paced world we sometimes wonder if values teaching always gets the attention it deserves. That is why we have started a new series, Jake Dog's Fables. Our fables will focus on important life skills and why good values are important while hopefully being fun to read as well.

We still love silly rhymes and picture books. Kids need to have fun and we will always show our silly side, but we think kids can have fun and learn good lessons at the same time.

Our first fable is about Katarina and Scruff.  They are cats who live on a farm. Katarina is in charge of the cats at the farm, but she isn't a very good leader.  It isn't all her fault. No one taught her to lead. When Scruff shows up looking for work, the other cats immediately respond to him when he displays a natural ability to plan and lead.

How will Katarina respond? Will Scruff be their new leader? The story follows along as the cats chase field mice and protect the chickens from the dreaded weasel.

The book includes four original illustrations spread throughout the story.

We hope you like our first fable and that you can use it to teach your kids the qualities of good leadership!

Click on the cover to purchase Scruff Takes Charge on Amazon.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Song In My Head - A Silly Poem

A song is stuck inside my head.
I used to love it but now I dread,
To hear it on the radio,
Since then it follows wherever I go.

I've tried and tried, but it won't stop.
This truly is some infectious pop.
I shake my head but have no luck.
Here comes the chorus, it's still stuck.

I guess for now, I'll hum along.
It really is a catchy song.

Copyright CM Dixon Feb 2013