Monday, February 18, 2013

Ice Skating - A Silly Poem

I went ice skating this afternoon,
But didn't expect to quit so soon.

The ice was smooth and hard like glass.
Perfect conditions for skating fast.

Right away I leaped to spin.
I landed clean so I leapt again.

The second jump didn't go so well.
My ankle popped and then I fell.

I slid across and smacked the wall.
It truly was a spectacular fall.

My friend shrieked and called the doctor.
I think my screaming really shocked her.

Luckily it was just a sprain.
Not too much damage, but lots of pain.

So now I'm watching, now I'm waiting.
Now I sit with my leg elevating.

The doctor says, "Warm up before skating!"
I will. . .  When I'm done rehabilitating.

Copyright CM Dixon Feb 2013

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