Thursday, March 7, 2013

Charlie Chooses - A Jake Dog Fable

Our newest fable stars two raccoons, Charlie and Jimmy. They are moving away from their parents to begin life on their own, and it is an exciting time as they prepare for their first winter.

Their parents raised them to make good choices but now they have to make their own decisions. How will they respond when they are faced with tough decisions?  Will they take shortcuts that may jeopardize their ability to survive the long cold winter, or lead to other danger?

This fable teaches children about the importance of making good choices and understanding that the easy way is not always the best way. Charlie and Jimmy know what they should do, but sometimes it is hard to make good choices when you are faced with a decision. We hope this fable helps kids understand the importance of making good decisions every day.

Charlie Chooses has three original illustrations and can be read as a bedtime story to little ones or read independently by older children. To purchase Charlie Chooses on Amazon, CLICK HERE.

Here, Charlie is in a tree. Did something scare him, or is he looking for something?

We would love your feedback on Charlie Chooses!

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