Saturday, April 27, 2013

Work In Progress - EP Express!

Our current work in process is about a train named EP Express.  EP has to make it across the country to pick up and deliver all types of freight.  He will visit Cleveland, DesMoines, Denver, and a few other cities on his journey.

This book will help kids learn the days of the week as EP stops in a new city each day.

Illustrating this book will take quite awhile, but hopefully we will be ready to publish in a month or two.  We are very excited about the illustrations.  We are adding more detail to the pictures and this should be one of our longer picture books.  This book will be the first where we are using Corel 12 to create the illustrations.

Below is a sample illustration of EP travelling through Cleveland (it's always cloudy in Cleveland).

If you have a little one that likes books about vehicles, we think you will love EP! Until then you can take a look at our other vehicle themed picture books; Counting Train Cars, Cars and Trucks Around My Town, and Forktruck's Busy Day.  Links to all of our books are on the right side of this page.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Run Fast - A Silly Poem

I ran a race but I came in last.
I tried my best but I'm  just not fast.
Which became clear when I was passed,
By an older man with his leg in a cast.

Copyright CM Dixon April 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bert The Purple Monster - A Silly Poem

Bert the monster is huge and hairy.
If he wanted to, he could be scary,
But Bert has such a sweet disposition.
Being helpful and kind is his only ambition.

He has long horns and pointy claws,
And could easily snatch you with his paws,
But Bert would never cause anyone danger.
If you meet him once you're no longer a stranger.

Bert walks to town and sees friend after friend.
When he meets them he always has time to spend.
He gives them a hug and asks how they've been.
Then misses them horribly until he sees them again.

Copyright CM Dixon April 2013