Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dog Bite - A Silly Poem

I stubbed my toe, and then I fell.
I rolled and screamed, "I don't feel well!"

"It's broke! I know it! I can't look!"
I clenched my eyes. My body shook.

No one can hear. I wail some more.
Then someone pushes my bedroom door.

The dog. Oh no, he thinks I'm playing.
He's in no mood for sitting or staying.

He leaps on me. He licks my face.
I scramble back. He starts to chase.

"No! Get down!" I am defenseless.
From our huge dog who's also senseless.

He bites my shirt. He shakes and tugs.
His way of sharing canine hugs.

I jump and run, but then I slow,
And I look down at my stumped toe.

It isn't hurt. Seems I'm alright.
Healed by my dog's playful bite.

Copyright CM Dixon July 2013