Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shutdown - A Silly Poem

Are your children having trouble understanding the government shutdown? We think most children would wonder why adults can't sit down and solve problems and those children are right to think that way. This poem is dedicated to our wonderful Political Leaders who are setting such a good example to all of the children when they refuse to talk to each other.
I just argued with my best friend.
No compromise, I won't bend.

It's obvious that I am right.
I'll hold the line and win this fight.

My friend keeps saying he wants to play.
I won't do it! No play today!

I'll stay inside the house and hide,
To keep from listening to his side.

In my room, I'll sit alone,
And ignore the ringing telephone.

We can talk again some day,
Once he agrees to go my way.
Copyright CM Dixon Oct 2013

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